Finally a big dream came true on 25th of September, when I was invited to perform at the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Moscow. Event organisation by Oleg Romanenko (Collegium Musicum) and Maria Berezina.


Together with Igor Goldenberg on the church organ, we played a wonderful 75 minutes concert. Interpretations of Hans Zimmer's "Interstellar" and Philip Glass's "Koyaanisqatsi" movie soundtracks were the foundation and Igor suggested to add Jean Langlais "Song of Peace", "In quite Joy" and Olivier Messiaen "Appearance of the Eternal Church" which worked pefect.


Maksim Emelianov was responsible for the visuals and filming and Alexander Mishukov did an excellent audio recording, available on Soundcloud.


The cathedral was filling up with round about 500 people and our Russia premier of organ and gongs marks a milestone of my career as a gong musician and it is my introduction in the world of classical music.


It was a full success for all and the feedback of the audience was overwhelming after the concert. Nobody expected such a big success, including my self )

kosma solarius igor goldenberg organ gong


kosma solarius organ gong


igor goldenberg organ gong


organ organ gong


visuals organ gong


poster organ gong

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