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Gong Master Kosma Solarius by Anatole Green

Konstantin Jagoulis is a German/Greek artist and producer.


He plays a rare set of five symphonic planet gongs and one symphonic brilliant gong, which are some of the first ever made planet gongs, handmade by PAiSTe in Germany.

Photo by Anatole Green.
Gong Master Kosma Solarius Sunset Gong Meditation at Orion

Since 2007 he was living in Thailand, on the island Koh Phangan, where he was weekly holding the well attended Sunset Gong Meditation at the Orion Healing Centre since 2013.


The meditations became quickly a known attraction to the island visiotors from all over the world.

Kosma Solarius used also the gongs for the opening shows at the Half Moon Festival where he was performing live electronic chill-in music since 2010.

Photo by Reza.
Gong Master at MSND2015 photo by Alexandra Yakushina

In 2015 he got invited to perform a sunrise meditation at the famous Midsummer Night's Dream in Moscow, followed by a 3 months gong meditation series in various Yoga Centers. 
He spent the following winter months in Germany where he was holding many gong meditations which were mostly sold out. The journalists became aware of his successful work and offered him interviews in different over regional newspapers. 

It was his first time to perform in his home country and motivated by this big success Konstantin prepared him self for a magic summer season 2016 in Russia. 

Photo by Alexandra Yakushina.

The highlight of the Moscow 2015 tour was the honour of playing as the first artist ever at the rooftop of the Gorky Park Museum for the 77th park annyversary 2015.

Gong Master at Gorky Park Museum Moscow 2015

Photo by Maksim Emelianov.

Planet Gong Meditation

Gong Master Kosma Solarius with a PAiSTe Venus Planet Gong.

Gong meditations with symphonic planet gongs are a modern, transcendental and holistic form of sound therapy, beyond existing concepts.

The effects are experienced as real physical sensations. A cell massage, resulting in deep relaxation and the natural frequencies that are released trigger inspiration and intuition.
This bio-energetic experience opens the doors to the multi-dimensional levels of YOUR life.

Photo by Reza.

The Symphonic Planet Gong


The symphonic planet gongs have the widest frequency spectrum of all instruments and contain the whole spectrum of audible sound. The planet orbital tuning is based on the Cosmic Octave teaching by Hans Cousto about the frequencies of nature.


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