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Gong Master at VIONIC

This article was posted in 2015 in the local newspaper in Landau an der Isar.

On 25th February 2015, Kosma Solarius was playing his gongs for the first time at the VIOINC studio in Landau a. d. Isar, which is a small town in Bavaria / the south of Germany.
After this fully booked gong meditation, he was invited regularly to play there whenever he visited this area.

Kosma Solarius made a big impact and the owner of the VIONIC studio, Bernhard Akula, became also a gong master and is regularly holding his own gong flying sessions with great success.

News article in Landauer Zeitung
News article in Landauer Zeitung

Kosma Solarius Gong Master World Tour

Gong Master at Orion Healing

Interview with Kosma Solarius by Phanganist in 2014.

Gong Master at Orion Healing
Gong Master at Orion Healing Centre, Koh Phangan / Thailand.

I was already preparing to leave Koh Phangan, after living there for about 7 years. It was about time to move on, after building up the weekly gong meditations at Orion Healing and playing for 4 years live at the Half Moon Festival.

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