Gong Meditation at iSoul Club Moscow on 1st of August 2015.


Link to the event: http://isoulclub.ru/seminary/1-avgusta-gong-meditatsiya/


Gong Meditation with Gong Master Kosma Solarius at iSoul Club Moscow

This was a really cosmic experience at the Silver Rain radio in Moscow. Enjoyed it a lot and I am very thankful for the chance to play the Venus symphonic planet gong for the wishes of the audience. Felt like i was tuning all Russia during this hour. :)

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Tonight, the 30th of July 2015 at 8pm, Kosma Solarius is invited for a live interview at Silver Rain Radio Moscow (silver.ru).

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First official gong meditation with Gong Master Kosma Solarius at Prana Yoga, Moscow.

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It was a fantastic event and I had to play a couple of times, because people came in waves to receive the cosmic vibration on this outstanding event.

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July and August I am in Moscow, holding some gong concerts and meditations in different yoga centres, in different parks and a live performance at the famous Midsummer Night's Dream (18th July).

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Am 15. September wurde das Album "A Beautiful Soul" von Kosma Solarius durch das Deutsche Label Klangwald Recordings veröffentlicht. Zu diesem Anlass hat das Label Management die nachfolgend beantworteten 10 Fragen an den Künstler gerichtet.

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The new album "A BEAUTIFUL SOUL" by Kosma Solarius is now online available.

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The upcoming new album "A Beautiful Soul" by Kosma Solarius
is now at pre-order status on iTunes.apple.com
and will be available on 15th of September 2014.

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