Learn how to play the gongs at a one-on-one gong master training in Ibiza or by online training, with Gong Master Konstantin.

one-on-one Training

one-on-one gong master training is divided into two parts.
Both parts are divided into two sets of 2 hours each.

Hourly fee: 100,- Euro
Payment: 50% upfront and 50% at the start of the training

Part 1: Theory
Duration: 4 hours

You will get a deep insight into the world of frequencies, and the physical, mental and spiritual approach to playing the gongs.
Konstantin has been researching frequencies and their abilities for nearly two decades and has even longer experience in performing live on stage and in various situations.
You will learn about the gongs and get the know-how basics of the stroking techniques and perfect setup.
There is a lot to learn about the holistic effects of gong meditation and why the performing gong artist plays the most important role in the process.

Gong Master at the Ibiza Spirit Festival 2018
Ibiza Spirit Festival

Part 2: Practical training
Duration: 4 hours

The practical training will include how to transport, mount and maintain the gongs, select the suitable mallet, properly hold the mallet and how to play the gong.
Konstantin is playing a very unique set of 6 PAiSTe symphonic gongs (1 brilliant gong and 5 planet gongs) and the training will be focussed on how to play these high-end versions of gongs.

Please use the contact form to book your training.

Online Training

The online gong master training exchanges emails and media files (photos and videos) between the student and trainer.
First, your level of experience will be analyzed by a little video selfie and based on this you will get an email with the analysis and a detailed explanation of how to play perfectly.
After some practising time, the student will have some questions and record another video selfie, to document the learning process.
Gong master Konstantin will analyze the progress and correct you until satisfaction.

Hourly fee: 80,- Euro
Payment: 100% upfront via PayPal
The minimum duration of the online training is 1 hour, which includes the 2 video selfie analyses 1 Email of explanation with a list of homework for the student and 1 Email after the second video selfie to correct and optimize the student’s technique.
Depending on the expectations and needs of the student, online training can be extended further.

Please use the contact form to book your training.

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