The dualistic concepts of the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community

The dualistic concepts of the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community.

An explanation of Energy, Vibration, and Frequency.

In the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community I read over and over again, that we must raise our frequency or vibrate high, which is supposed to be ”good” and ”bad” is being low frequency or low vibration.
This dualistic concept of putting quality onto something neutral is a fatal error.
So many in the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community believe in this nonsense and the worst is, that they don’t even understand the terminology they use.

99% don’t know at all the meaning of frequency. They all just believe and have opinions, but are too lazy to do the little homework and actually study what it is and means.

Frequency is nothing!

It also has no quality to it.
High and low are relations to a state of neutrality or normal.
Frequency means, how often something happens in time. You can measure it in different units, depending on the time scale.

Sound waves for example are measured per second, so we use the unit Hertz(Hz), musical tempo is measured in Beats per Minute.
If someone in the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community says,
”We must get into a higher frequency to raise our consciousness”,
then you should ask ” Which frequency?”.

Frequency of what?

Frequency is something unique to every element and does never change.
It’s like a phone number. If you change it you never reach the person you want to reach.

I was reading nonsense about emotions having a singular frequency.
This is wrong!
Emotions are feelings and feelings are a chemical cocktail produced by your body. Chemicals are made of molecules and these are made of elements, so every single emotion has probably thousands, maybe millions, or billions of frequencies to it.

Article about “Love: A Cocktail of Chemicals”

Neuroscience article by: Nick Bitterlich

Quote: Love is a sensation most people have experienced in one form or another; be it from loving a significant other, one’s parents, or a best friend. An array of feelings is associated with love, commonly including exhilaration, euphoria, a racing heart, anxiety, or “butterflies”. Scientists have been questioning the nature of the process for decades, having reached no precise answer to this day. What does go on behind the scenes is a fascinating interplay of hormonal reactions: a cocktail of chemicals.

URL to the article:

Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine: The Three Major Stress Hormones, Explained

Klein, S. (2013). The 3 Major Stress Hormones, Explained. [online] HuffPost. Available at:

It’s a symphony!

Now let’s get to vibration.

Vibration is a physical movement of matter. Nothing else can vibrate.
If you want to vibrate higher and think that’s good, then imagine what will happen to your cells if you vibrate them higherThey will either burst or collapse and you will die. High vibrational states of body cells is creating heat and that’s called fever. If you raise it you die.

What’s really good is the NATURAL state of NORMALITY or let’s call it neutrality.

If your cells vibrate in their perfect natural way, your physical state is at its best.

The concept of the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community of low being bad and high being good.

Frequency is no vibration and also no energy.
Dear Neo-Spiritual Healing Community, please do your homework, stop believing and start knowing.
It would greatly help the community on this planet if you drop your fairy tales and come over to the real magical world of science.
I also ”believe” in the meta dimensions and have an opinion about it, but translating these concepts into the physical world has fatal consequences.
I don’t take the magic away, I am sorting out the mess and clearing up the false beliefs.

The Dualistic Mind and the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community

It likes to put quality onto neutral things.
These concepts of Good being for example High, White, and Bright or Bad are believed to be Low, Black, or Dark.

Get rid of this nonsense!

In the Neo-Spiritual Healing Community, there are countless articles shared, which are packed with this nonsense and recently I was reading one which mentioned also the COVID virus.
It stated that the virus has a frequency of about 5 Hz and would die if you increase the frequency to 25 Hz.
If 5Hz is the frequency of this virus, then increasing the frequency would result in nothing. It’s like calling the wrong phone number.
If you want to destroy anything by using its own resonance frequency, you apply the exact frequency (5Hz in this case) and then you increase the energy.
You raise the amplitude (intensity) of the exact same frequency (5 times per second) and then you will reach the point when the virus would burst.
It’s like bursting a wine glass by singing the exact resonance frequency of the glass and if you sing loud enough, it bursts. Louder means more energy and not a change in tone frequency.

Energy, Vibration, and Frequency

The trinity of very different meanings.
Don’t mix it up. Energy is not a vibration and it’s not a frequency.
Questions about elevating consciousness are not at all related to high frequencies or vibrations.
Consciousness is awareness and knowledge. You can reach that by doing actual homework and studying facts instead of collecting opinions and beliefs.
Beliefs belong to religions and should stay in the churches. Opinions are strong beliefs, but knowledge is about unchangeable facts.
Natural parameters for example and the mathematical ratios like the golden ratio, solfeggio, and so forth, which is the language of nature and definition of beauty and harmony.
Dear Neo-Spiritual Healing Community, please get rid of this ”high and low” nonsense and start to think about natural, neutral, and normal.

Balance means centred and that is a normal natural state, as everything was created.

What needs to change is not any vibration or frequency, but the transition from beliefs to facts, knowledge, and logic.

Study, research, learn the terminology, and know the meaning of the words you are using.

Ignoring facts is causing big suffering. So, get out of your belief bubble and accept the reality which is outside of your immediate environment.
This would finally help raise the collective consciousness and we could move on and bring this behind us.

Nikola Tesla said, “ If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration. “

Stay in the field of love.

Please, read also my other article about the 432Hz myth.

Konstantin Jagoulis

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