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Gong setting at Es Vedra View.

Mavi Iglesias wrote this wonderfully written article, which was published yesterday at New Moon on 7th November 2018.

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Kosma Solarius, a.k.a. the Gong Master, invites everyone on the island to participate in his fantastic and healing sound therapy sessions.

Have you ever experienced an expansive, massive energy flowing through your body that made you feel absolutely complete and connected with the universe? If you’re thinking about an orgasm… Imagine one that comes from the deepest corners of your soul.

Starting today and taking place every Wednesday at 6 pm on a donation basis in the beautiful Agroturismo Atzaro, the gong meditations are open to anyone who wants to enjoy a moment of self-consciousness and relaxation.

As the master explains before each session, Planet Gongs have their name from the fact that they are tuned to the mathematical time a planet takes to travel around the sun, also called orbital time (there are also tunings for the planet rotations around their own axis). These frequencies are natural, contrary to artificial frequencies like mobile devices, TV or computers, just to name a few. This is why, these resonances activate our body cells, aligning their frequency with the ones of the universe, helping our cells to remember the original vibrations.

The gong vibrations go deep into the entire system, waking up hidden energies, opening blockages and stirring up emotions of all sorts. The experience is very different to each person, some people have euphoric feelings, others start to cry, or even fall asleep.

I have participated in one of the Full Moon Meditations in front of Es Vedrà last month, and the experience was truly amazing. The session took me into different states of being, feeling an infinite source of calm and happiness running all over my body. As my mind focused on the sound and all the physical sensations I was feeling (shiverings, intuition calls, and a more sensitive perception of reality) it was easier to keep it aware and silent. It was so nice, that time passed by in a glimpse. As he says, the effects are multi-dimensional, physical, mental and spiritual.

These Planet Gongs are quite special, as they are the very first ones ever made in the world. Kosma takes joyfully the time and effort to bring them wherever the sessions are, from private locations to public events like the Spirit Festival or the Ibiza Light Festival. I invite you to take a look at his website, and of course, to participate in the upcoming sessions at Atzaro (Carretera Sant Joan km 15).

Ready to dive into the mystical Gong bath?

Featured image by David Jambrina.

Gong Master article in the Ushuaïa Magazine (No. 18/2018)

Gong Master in Ushuaïa Magazine 18/2018

A big THANK YOU to the Ushuaïa Magazine for this wonderful article about my gong meditations on Ibiza.

You can read the article online or download the entire pdf of the issue No. 18 / 2018 featuring Cathy Guetta on the golden cover.
Get the pdf here: <download / read>


Full article (English & Spanish):

Konstantin Jagoulis
Gong Master


What is gong meditation?

Meditation with gongs is one of the most modern forms of sound therapy and sound meditation. I like to explain meditation as a way of relaxation by focusing on calm and harmonious breathing.

What are the benefits we will experience?

A gong meditation with symphonic planet gongs played in a ‘soft manner’ is helpful in a holistic way. Each time you visit a gong meditation the experience can be a different one because we are always in a slightly different mood or physical state. Firstly, the gong meditation will equalize and balance us. Who is stressed will become calm and who is tired or out of energy will become more energized. Because of the natural tunings of those planet gongs, we benefit from somehow becoming reprogrammed. On a physical level, those natural frequencies will make all cells in our body resonate and this can be seen as a deep cell massage.

What is special about your gongs?

Symphonic gongs are very precisely tuned and all handcrafted. They are given their name because each gong is tuned to the orbital frequency of a planet or moon and sun. What’s really special about mine is that I have 4 of the first ever manufactured planet gongs, they are around 40 years old and were once played by Jens Zygar. They are like a Stradivari violin and I believe one day will be displayed in a museum. They are totally unique.

ESP. ¿Qué es la meditación gong?

La meditación con gongs es una de las formas más modernas de terapia de sonido y de meditación con sonido. Me gusta explicar la meditación como una forma de relajarse a través de la atención a la respiración tranquila y armoniosa.

¿Qué beneficios nos aportará?

En la meditación con gongs planetarios sinfónicos, los gongs se tocan de forma suave y es una terapia holística muy eficaz. Cada experiencia con la meditación gong es diferente porque siempre tenemos un estado de ánimo o un estado físico ligeramente diferente. En primer lugar, la meditación gong nos ayuda a equilibrarnos y a llegar a un estado de ecuanimidad. Quien esté tenso se tranquilizará y quien esté cansado o sin energía se activará. Los gongs planetarios nos afinan de forma natural y por ello nos beneficiamos en cierta forma de ser reprogramados. A nivel físico, las frecuencias naturales harán que todas las células de nuestro cuerpo resuenen y esto para las células es como recibir un masaje profundo.

¿Qué tienen de especial sus gongs?

Los gongs sinfónicos están afinados con mucha precisión y son todos artesanales. Reciben su nombre porque cada gong está sintonizado a la frecuencia orbital de un planeta o de la luna y el sol. Lo que es realmente especial de mis gongs es que tengo 4 de los primeros gongs planetarios fabricados. Tienen alrededor de 40 años y los ha llegado a tocar Jens Zygar, son como un violín Stradivarius y estoy convencido de que un día se exhibirán en un museo. Son totalmente únicos..

Gong setting at Es Vedra View.
Photo by David Jambrina.
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